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Natural tranquilizer

Presentation: Box of 30 capsules

Nervous states of any etiology: insomnia, stress, state of anxiety, irritability, nervous exhaustion and neuralgia. Also useful in the treatment of tachycardia of nervous origin, antispasmodic headaches, relieves gastro-intestinal spasms and menstrual pain.

Help sleep
No side effects
More complete, with 10 natural compounds

Administration way: Oral

Insomnia treatment: 2 capsules 1 hour before bedtime.
Treatment of nervous tension, anxiety and associated pathologies: 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Active principles:
Each capsule contains:
Valerian…..100 mg
Passionflower…..90 mg
Orange Blossoms…..50 mg
Linden…..20 mg
Hops plant…..50 mg
Mint…..10 mg
Basil…..50 mg
Rue…..10 mg
Boldo…..40 mg
Celery…..100 mg