Nucleo C.M.P. Forte
Presentation: Box with 30 capsules
CMP Forte nucleus provides the necessary phosphate groups in the union of monosaccharides with ceramines, to form cerebrosides and phosphatidic acids that constitute sphingomyelin and glycerophospholipids, main components of the myelin sheath, thus achieving greater trophic properties for maturation and axonal regeneration of nervous tissue
Cytidine-5′-disodium monophosphate (CMP disodium salt) ……. 5 mg Per capsule
Uridin-5′-trisodium triphosphate (UTP trisodium salt)
Uridin-5′-disodium diphosphate (UDP disodium salt)
Uridin-5′-disodium monophosphate (UMP disodium salt) total ……….. 3 mg
(equivalent to 1,330 mg of Uridine and 2,660 mg of Uridine, respectively)
Excipient ….. c.s.
Treatment of neuropathies of osteoarticular origin (sciatica, radiculitis, etc.), metabolic (diabetic polyneuritis, alcoholic, etc.), infectious (herpes zoster) and frigore. Neuralgia of the Facial, Trigeminal, Intercostal, Lumbago.
Dosage, form and duration of treatment
Nucleo CMP Forte capsules are administered orally.
Adults: 1 or 2 capsules 2 times a day.
Children: 1 capsule 2 times a day. According to medical criteria.
They are not known. Unless there is an allergy to any of the components.
Adverse reactions
They have not been described, but if any adverse reaction attributable to taking the medicine occurs, consult your doctor.
or pharmacist.
They are not known.
Use in pregnancy
Its use in pregnancy is not contraindicated, however, it is recommended that the administration schedule be established by the doctor.
Medicines should be kept out of the reach and sight of children.