Vitasil 25,000
Presentation: 3 box with 1 ampoule 2ml. each one
Nutritional deficiencies of B vitamins, Neuritis and Neuralgia, acute or chronic, rheumatic pain, disorders of the peripheral nervous system and states of physical or intellectual exhaustion. It contains procaine that acts as a local anesthetic that prevents application pain and that also stops the aging process, stimulates memory, improves sleep patterns, in the elderly reduces headaches and loss of hearing abilities.DOSE:
Apply an intramuscular ampoule 1 or 2 times a week, if necessary apply a daily ampoule.

Each 2 ml ampoule. they contain:
Vitamin B1 100 mg.
Vitamin B6 100 mg.
Vitamin B12 25000 mcg
Procaine 2%