Vitasil 10 000
Presentation: 3 boxes with 1 ampoule of 2 ml. eachINDICATIONS AND THERAPEUTIC ACTION:
Nutritional deficiencies of B vitamins, Neuritis and Neuralgia, acute or chronic, rheumatic pain, disorders of the peripheral nervous system and states of physical or intellectual exhaustion. It contains procaine that acts as a local anesthetic that prevents application pain and that also stops the aging process, stimulates memory, improves sleep patterns, in the elderly reduces headaches and loss of hearing abilities.

Apply an intramuscular ampoule 1 or 2 times a week, if necessary apply a daily ampoule.

Each 2 ml ampoule. they contain:
Vitamin B1….100 mg.
Vitamin B6….100 mg.
Vitamin B12….10,000 mcg.